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It is great shocking news that most of the Govt. officers are inefficient in English. Now the Govt. is going to start a training program for such officers to make them efficient in English. A question arises in everybody’s mind how these officers have cleared their exams which were taken by the concerned department or any other competitive authority. It shows that either the examination pattern is faulty which is unable to scrutinize the candidates properly or some malpractice is used during the exams.

There is one more interesting aspect has come up that the Govt. has made a three hour training program which will have trained them in English so that they could do their office work proficiently in English. It seems to be ridiculous that a man can be expert in any language only in three hours. The scheme might hopefully prove flop.

The circular that was released for teaching English had not shown the category of officers who would attend this training session. It is decided that the program will be held on 8th Nov. but it is not clear what type of training will be given and what type of the technique will be used. It is accepted at different levels in the Delhi Govt. that sometime errors in the draft are so numerous and it is difficult to correct them; instead of correcting them it has to be written again. A senior officer in the Govt. said that in most of the files the errors are in grammar. These officers said if the Govt. is really serious on this issue it must make a concrete training program. Just only three hour training program is not sufficient to root out the problem.

It is evident that our national language is Hindi then why the Govt. doesn’t make it mandatory to do work in Hindi in the Govt. offices. Departments which deals with other countries may do work in English. It is also true that no nation can rise if it uses the foreign language in its country.

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