New generation’s behavior!!!

It is certainly true that a mother can look after many children but many children might not take care of one mother when she is old and needs their help. Every day such types of stories are heard. Nowadays children are educated and emotional too even they advise others to help the parents, but they forget to behave properly with their own parents. They think they are well behaved because their parents (falsely) praise them in front of others. So the children think they are really obedient. If they realized the situation minutely they would come to know the truth.

Today news appeared in a n’paper that a son had disconnected the electricity of his mother’s room as she hadn’t paid him the electric bill. The son is neither immature by age nor an illiterate but a retired additional director of one of the departments of central government. He didn’t even once think that he was going to do such an unpardonable offence and God wouldn’t forgive him. He, Avinash- name changed, lives in a posh colony and well off economically. His mother aged 84, Pushpa – name changed, also lives with him in one room in the same house. His mother is widow.

He alleged that his mother hadn’t paid the electricity bill of her room; therefore he had disconnected the electricity of her room. Pushpa went to family counseling center to complain of her son. She said that she gets her livelihood from her husband’s pension. My son takes me rupees 1500 as a rent of the room. Getting ill I couldn’t pay him the room rent so that he disconnected the electricity of my room and insisted on me to go to my other son. I don’t want to go there as they live in upper floors and I can’t climb up being aged.  She also said that he wanted to rent my room after its evacuation; this is the reason he harass me.

The officers of the center advised the son that he had better not to tease his mother. The son now promised that he would not charge the money from his mother and also restore her room’s electricity.

Such types of incidence are increasing day by day and this is not in favor of the society. The day is not far when most of the aged will be in trouble.

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