Homeopathy and steroids

There are so many systems of medicine available in the society. Some of them are recognized and protected by the Govt. Rest of them are patronized by the people as they are benefitted by them. Nowadays some traditional methods of treatment have lost their utility as the time advanced. There are four systems of treatment recognized, assisted and regulated by the Govt. Allopathy and Homeopathy are more popular nowadays among patients. Both have their own quality and benefits. People also know about them very well. Some people like allopathy and do not even try any other system of medicine when they get ill. In the same way a larger group of people love Homeopathy with passion. The matter doesn’t end here as far as Homeopathy is concerned.

It is difficult to understand why some people do blasphemy for Homeopathy. They vomit so much venom against Homeopathy that can’t be imagined. But it is true that some such people do it innocently as they were fed but some of them defame Homeopathy deliberately and out of frustration. Even some medical professionals also disparage Homeopathy out of their disappointment. Some doctors who don’t have good practice think the cause of their bad luck is Homeopathy. If Homeopathy were banned their fate might have been changed. Some practitioners who have good clienteles think they are the only intelligent doctors and out of their pride they talk irrelevantly about Homeopathy. A very few homeopaths also talk badly for Allopathy.  It is a sin if any body talks wrongly for any system of medicine.

It is evident that some Allopathic drug manufacturers also try to damage the sanctity of Homeopathy. There are so many wrong thoughts that have been marketed against Homeopathy. Some such thoughts which are prevalent in the society.

Sudhir was suffering from severe allergic dermatitis even his face did not escape from the evil. He tried many Allopathic drugs under the supervision of one or the other dermatologists but in vain. One of his friends Pankaj suggested him to take Homeopathy for the ailment. He told him that he had also suffered from the same and got relief only through Homeopathy. Sudhir went to the same doctor and found Pankaj’s statement true when he got benefit under Homeopathy. Sudhir took his wife and daughter for Homeopathic treatment and they were also benefited. Sudhir recommended some of his friends the Homeopathic treatment and most of them were satisfied with the help.

One day Sudhir met his Homeopathic doctor and requested him to allow asking a question. The doctor responded him well. Sudhir said to him, ‘Does Homeopath use steroid?’ The doctor asked him why he wanted to put him this question. Sudhir said that somebody had told him. The doctor replied, ‘OK! That is the reason why you are enquiring about it. I explain it to you as its answer in yes or no can’t satisfy your curiosity and doubts. The first thing is this that there is no steroidal preparation present in Homeopathy and all the drugs are manufactured according to Homeopathic Pharmacopeia of India. The Govt. drug department is very strict and particular about the manufacturing of Homeopathic drugs. So there is no homeopathic drug available in the market which contains steroids. How a doctor can use the steroidal drug when it is not available in the market. I tell you one more things that no Homeopath uses allopathic steroid though rarest rare exception may be there. One more interesting thing, steroids have no role in the treatment of many diseases like Depression, kidney stones etc. In most of the cases the patient seeks Homeopathic help after taking Allopathy where he had already taken strong steroids with no relief at all. A question arises how the same patient gets relief with steroids if these are given by Homeopath.  It means it is the rumor that is created by some mischievous and evil persons.’ After hearing the logical reply Sudhir was satisfied. Sudhir himself worked on a high post and is very influential. He collected the information from health ministry and found the doctor’s version correct. Now he has become a dedicated follower of Homeopathy.

There are some more such type of evils regarding Homeopathy being rumored by some miscreants or depressed people that will be discussed later on. To misguide patients in this way is like a blasphemy.

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