Ratan Tata

Nowadays, every day something that is related to the Govt. and scam appears. Most of the allegations are related with the misuse of powers and corruption. Ratan Tata, a noted industrialist has also added one sensational statement in it. He said in a function that he wanted to start a new domestic airline in collaboration with Singapore airlines some years ago. It was the time when C M Ibrahim was the civil aviation minister and HD Devegoda, Gujral and Atal Bihari were the then Prime Ministers one after another.

He said that he had sent the proposal to start a domestic airline to the concerned ministry but the minister had turned down his proposal. He also alleged that the then minister had demanded the bribe which he refused to fulfill. He also said that he was going somewhere in a flight and a man sitting by his side told him to pay fifteen crores rupees as a bribe and his proposal would be sanctioned.

The then civil aviation minister threatened him to disclose the name who had demanded to grease the palm. Otherwise he would commit suicide. Tata group of companies have some reputation in the market but there are so many people who were harassed by this group of companies. There is no intention to say that Ratan’s statement is false but a question definitely arises in the mind why he revealed this secret after such a long time. Number one, did he reveal the secret under some well calculated plan or say it casually? Number two, Does Tata group want to get some popularity without paying money on advertisement? Number three, Does Ratan want to threaten someone by saying like this? Number four, does he want to enter in the politics with such a big bang? In this many more questions can be framed and come in the mind of people. If all of the questions are added there will be a long list come out. In this write-up there is no intention to malign the image of Ratan but whatever came up in thoughts have been penned down.

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