Cicuta Virosa for epilepsy

There are so many medicines available for epilepsy, catalepsy or convulsions in Homeopathy and are used according to the law of similia. Cicuta Virosa is a medicine that is used for such conditions successfully. In Cicuta the patient feels aura in the stomach and after that convulsion appears. The attack starts from center to periphery. That means it begins first at head, face and chest and then goes to extremities. Cuprum Met has the same symptom but opposite of it; the attack rises from finger or extremity and goes to chest and head. After the attack Cicuta patient remains in confusion. He doesn’t recognize where he is and who others are. The patient is mild, yielding and submissive between two attacks. On the contrary of it Nux Vom patient is aggressive and irritated between the attacks. Nux Mosch patient has the peculiar symptom that he forgets between the works what he is doing that is called abstraction of mind; he becomes blank for a moment. Opium, Aconite and one more medicine have convulsion after fear.

Any type of ailment whether physical or mental if occurs after head injury, Cicuta can be helpful and can show wonder. There may be ailments after suppression of eruptions.

Cicuta is good for eruptions or eczema on the beard or scalp and also good for barber’s itch.

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