India is a country of blame game

India is a country of blame game. Everybody tries to blame others whether the guy is connected or not with that particular instance. If you say something to anyone he will also blame you in the same way and in this way he tries to save himself. It happens everywhere whether it is family, society, religion or even politics. In politics leaders blame each other on every issue.

Yesterday a building in Laxmi Nagar area in Delhi had collapsed and about sixty five persons had been killed in it. This is a very tragic news. Leaders of all political party visited the place. Media people also went there to cover the news and photographs of leaders. They show less about the sufferers and more about leaders. These leaders show their sympathy to the victims verbally and superficially but without emotions. Nothing affects their hearts. They go there just to show their presence as it is essential for their political career. People also feel happy with their presence and think that now there problems will be solved but the reality is other way round.

One party leader blames others though he knows that it is not the fault of others. No man whether politician or the Govt. officer wants to allow to keep on faulty construction. There is a lot of hue and cry on illegal construction but actually building is generally collapsed due to lack of engineer’s supervision. If a building is constructed under the guidance of an engineer it will not collaps whether it is illegal or legal in the eyes of the authority.

Engineers can construct building even in the middle of a pool of water. Many old buildings and palaces had been erected in the past and these are still in good condition, which are the living examples of good architecture. Therefore we all must understand that every building whether small or big, legal or illegal, must be constructed under the supervision of a good and qualified civil engineer.

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