Indian Television

There are two TV serials, Big Boss and Rakhi ka Insaff, which are in a hot debate whether these should be aired on TV channel or not. The allegation is these serials are using abusive language and scenes which are objectionable to show on the TV. For that some people raised their eyebrows and appealed against them even in the court. Seeing the public resentment against these programs the concerned ministry, the ministry of information and broadcasting, took a drastic step and ordered them to show these play only at night between 11pm to 5 am. The authority also added that they would show the disclaimer. The disclaimer will label these programs adult only. Although the order is to be implemented on Wednesday yet the serial named Big Boss was telecast at its scheduled time. The ministry may take it seriously but the producer has shown his courage saying he had not got the order. Only the time will decide the fate of the disobedience.

This is first time in Indian history when the Govt. has ordered to change the time of telecast of any program. The Govt. had also ordered that even the clippings of these programs couldn’t be shown on any channel during day time. According to the concerned officers these serials are not for every viewer so that keeping them in the category of adults there timings have been decided.

Television is used by everyone in the family and is watched sitting together whether the guy is child or adult and either male or female in most of the families. Some families watch TV even up to late night and particularly the night that is before the holiday. Therefore casting adult programs at night may not serve the purpose. The best alternative is that adult program ought not to telecast at any time.

The adult serials can be shown at the theaters because the authority of the theater can easily restrict the entry of teenagers as the practice is used for adult movies.

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