A gang rape in Delhi*

Today I had an interesting thought in the mind and wanted to write down on it but it vanished when I was watching news on the TV in the afternoon. It was on a gang rape occurred last night in Delhi, the capital of India. I felt bad after this news. I decided to pen down it and oblige the people to take up this issue seriously. It is not a question of this case but consider about the law and order situation of the so called world class city. Nowadays many multinational companies have come in and around Delhi. Most of these companies are working twenty four hours a day, round the clock. The big shares of employment in these companies are fulfilled by the girls. These girls are equally competent and daring as the boys are so they do the night shifts happily without saying no. After the night shifts these working girls come back home in the odd hours in late night. The companies don’t provide them any special security that is essential as per the need in addition to the cab. The cab picks them up and drops at the nearest road not at their house though the distance between the road and the house is generally in meters that are in two digits. But sometime the dreaded crime occurs in this small distance. Therefore it is the duty of the company to drop them at their door step and must wait until the girl has gone inside her house safely.

The case that happened yesterday is the result of the carelessness of the cab driver. The victim girl works in a company that has office in Gurgaon. The cab driver dropped her about 100 meters away from her house. At the same time some criminal took her and ran away in their tempo. Such type of crimes that occur at mid night have revealed the efficiency of the police. The ineffective police work as a tonic that enhances the courage in criminals.

If the Govt. and the police is not in a position to provide effective law and order in the night time they must search out some other alternatives. The Govt. can ban the night working of these companies till then. The company should also consider this condition sympathetically and allot girls only day duty. There are also some other alternatives present if the companies take up this matter seriously.

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