The third page

The third page of the newspaper is generally full of crime related news. That we have been reading since we began to read the paper. Everyday we read this page and feel bad. Neither the newspaper stops publishing such news nor we stop reading them. This is a vicious circle which is difficult to be broken. Many times some news obliges you to think about them. A long back I and Mira went to Haridwar for outing as it is our favorable place. After spending two days we came back to Delhi. We reached interstate bus terminus at about 3 am in the night. We took auto rickshaw to go home. He left us at home but when I paid him the fare he told me whether he could advice me. I nodded my head in positive sense then he said, ‘This is not the right time to go home from the ISBT. It would have been better if you had waited there until sunrise.’ I could not realize his meaning completely though I understood his connotation a little bit so I told him its my area and nobody could dare to say me anything. The talk had been over after my inscription. Today I read a story in the newspaper how the dacoits killed a young man just to loot the Honda City car when he resisted them. Reading the story I remembered the instance that I have narrated. That time I might have been correct as the crime rate was not high.

The killing and looting occurred in North Delhi. The deceased was an engineer and resided in Pitam Pura area where the crime happened. The dacoits blocked the way of the car and demanded the key of the car. When he refused to hand over the key they shot at him. After that they threw him out of the car and ran away with the car. He, Prateek was the only son of his parents. The police registered a case of looting and killing. According to the police, Prateek went to attend a wedding reception party of his colleague’s brother. He was unmarried and was suffering from asthma. After the party he dropped one of his friends at his house and was going back home. It was about 12.30 at mid night when biker dacoits blocked his way.

When the dacoits had gone he walked on foot about 100 meter and reached the main gate of his colony. The security guard of the colony informed his parents about the crime and his injury. Immediately his parents and neighbors took him to Maharaja Agarsain Hospital, Punjabi Bagh where he took his last breath after sometime. About 1 o’ clock the police got the information and after that it arrived at the hospital. The crime branch examined the crime place and enquired of the nearby people but couldn’t succeed in finding any witness of the crime.

The police said that generally the people are saved if the bullet injures the arm but Prateek whose blood has drained out in excess and was also the patient of asthma died due to the said reason.

It is true that the crime graph is going up like price hike. There may be some relations between price hike, unemployment and crime. The Govt. must take up this serious issue efficiently other wise it will be difficult to live in such a dreaded city.

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