Traffic Jam???

Man has been facing many types of problems since his entry on the earth. The kinds of problems have been changing from time to time. In the Stone Age his basic problems were food and self protection. To solve them he made huts and started living there so that he managed to protect himself and tried to store food for the adverse time. He learned the technique of cultivating crops for food. He made different form of arms and ammunition. In the field of arms he developed quite advanced arms that have the capacity to destroy the whole earth. For fighting the diseases he developed many sort of medicines and surgeries. To go from one place to another he developed many means of transport that are used on earth, water and in air.

To use the vehicles comfortably he invented roads. On these roads different classes of automobiles are used. These motor vehicles are so useful that every body wants to buy them for his personal use. These vehicles have been increasing day by day. Some roads sometimes refuse to cater vehicles and its consequences emerge in the form of traffic jams.

People in the cities have become habituated of traffic jams. They don’t feel any problem if the jam is for a few minutes. The real problem arises when the jam occurs for some hours as it happened in Dadri yesterday. The Dadri jam caused a lot of difficulty to people and particularly those who were going to attend the wedding parties. In some wedding parties even bride and bridegroom were trapped in the traffic jams. Satish’s, son of Jaiparksh and resident of Gaziabad, marriage was fixed with a girl who lived in Sinnota. Satish and his guests left the house to go to the bride’s house at 10 o’clock in the morning but were trapped at Dadri. Due to the jams they had to stay there for four hours. The host arranged the reception at lunch time but guests reached there in the evening so all the programs were disturbed badly.

Once I also experienced the traffic jam that is rather unforgettable. I had to go to attend the marriage party in late evening so I left the home at 10 pm. On the way, I got traffic jam and was trapped in it. At two in the night, I decided to go back home with out attending the party. Next day a friend of mine telephoned me and asked why i hadn’t attended the party. I told him the truth but he took it otherwise. My friend said, ‘You are just making excuse and didn’t believe me.’ I had no evidence to prove myself innocent. Nowadays traffic jam is a big problem from which people are suffering.

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