A strange human nature – Stealing!!!

The human mind is such a machine that can’t be understood easily. It behaves in a lot many ways. Some of its behaviors are found in every human being so some of these actions don’t look strange.  The one strange behavior is manifested in the form of theft. Although the theft is a common phenomenon yet in this case the reason of stealing is strange. A man hadn’t given a gift to his driver on Diwali festival. Having been annoyed on it he left the job and stole his employer’s car. The employer had even not released his full salary as the final payment was given to him after clearing his account. The police arrested alleged thief Satish and his friend Sumit and also recovered the stolen car, Toyota Corolla.

According to Additional Commissioner of Police, one day information was given that two men would come at Mata Sundri College to sell a stolen car. At the information the police went there in civil dress and caught two men with a stolen car. In the enquiry it was revealed that they even didn’t have the documents of the car. Satish told the police that he was the employee of Amit and had the hope of getting a big gift on Diwali but the hope was not fulfilled. Under frustration he resigned from the job and didn’t return the key of the car by saying it was lost. With the help of Sumit he had stolen the car.

After reading this above narrated news I remembered the same type of storey that happened with one of my friends. My friend is in a business of medicines and supplies them to retailers. One day one of his delivery boy, Vinod was caught red handed for fiddling. When he was asked why he did it. Vinod replied that he was paid less salary  and he required new shoes so he committed the crime. Even after being caught there was no sign of fear or embarrasement on his face. On the contrary he said he would again do this crime if his salary were not increased. Hearing Vinod’s argument my friend got shocked and was in doldrum what step he should take against him. In the end it was decided that his service must be terminated.

It is really difficult to analyze such nature of the man but can be an interesting subject for research.

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