God does not drink milk!!!

Once there was a king who was a holy person too. One day he decided to do a grand ‘Havan’ and a gala party after the Havan. For that he ordered the public to give all the milk to the king for the feast on the scheduled date. The king arranged a very big pot to collect all the milk in front of the palace. People obeyed the king’s command. No body had kept a single drop of milk at home and poured their whole milk in to the pot kept near the palace.

The king came to see the collecting milk. Having seen it the king got surprised that the pot was not even filled half of the total volume.  The king sent his soldiers to all the villages for collecting the milk. They searched every house but couldn’t find even the trace of milk. The soldiers returned frustrated. The king was also amazed. At the same time an old woman came with a small pot of milk. As soon as she poured her milk in to the king’s pot, the milk reached up to the upper level of the pot. Everybody was a witness of the magic. The king asked the old lady, ‘Do you know the magic?’ The old lady replied, ‘Me Lord, what is magic that I don’t know? I have just obeyed your order. I got up early in the morning and milked the cow. First half of the milk was drunk by the cow’s calf. I gave some part of the milk to my dog and cat. Rest of the milk I poured in to your pot.’

The king got angery and said, ‘Why did you do it. You have given just a part of the milk.’ The old lady replied again calmly, ‘O king, if you want to offer some thing to God you must give the thing first to his creatures. How many children will have been hungry today that you don’t know? Do you think the God will accept your milk? I dare to say this is the reason why your milk pot was half empty.’

Hearing her arguments the kings got enlightened and distributed the milk among public.

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