Indian proud has gone down!!!!

There was strange news in an evening newspaper that a girl went to a children program with out wearing panty. In the first look it was difficult to understand what the paper wanted to convey to the readers. When it was read with cool mind it was understood. For that the court had sent her summons. The name of the girl is Yana Gupta. A court of Lucknow had issued the summons to Yana, the photographer who took her snaps and the program organizer. The program was held on 6th December.  Yana attended the children program in Mumbai not only did in short black dress and not wearing the panty but also gave the strange and unethical poses. After this incident instead of feeling guilty or embarrassed she said it was the funniest day of my life on a social net working site. In an interview she even said that people used to say her ‘item girl’ but now they would say her ‘no panty girl’. She also added that she wanted to do the advertisement of panty then whose punch line would be – ‘I have got them now’.

Rizwan Ahmad, a social worker who filed the suite against her said, ‘For publicity, no body should do such a shameful and uncultured act which our society doesn’t permit.’ He also added that it was disgraceful to go down to such an ugly level by any celebrity. He said, ‘No body can forget to wear clothes even in his own house. How can any body go out to her home in such a way?’ The excuse that was given by Yana is also very interesting. She said, ‘She went to the children program directly from her dance class and forgot keeping her undergarment.’ No body can accept her excuse that she had made.

Occasionally such type of news appears in the newspapers that generally belong to the western countries not to India. It is said India is also adopting the culture of west but nobody could have thought that one day it would attain such level. Now any thing can happen in India too and no body can save Indian culture upon which India felt proud.

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