Man is a self centered creature:

Man is the most intelligent creature in the universe so as the most corrupt too. He shows affections to every one but his hatred emerges when he feels annoyed in any form. When his hatred increases in all the way it is converted in to violence. He forgets all the relations even with his own parents who gave him birth and the children to whom he offered birth when his own interests are clashed with them. He shows his annoyance to them directly or in other way round. Sometimes his hatred crosses all the limits and he takes such a dreaded step that it becomes the news for the newspapers and his act is not forgotten for a long. The same happened in the case of Niket who took such a heinous step that it will be difficult for the public to forget it easily. It might be very late, by then he would realize his mistake.

Niket was annoyed with his father and had strained relations between them. So under such a deep stress he hired a contract killer and got his father murdered. He managed to escape from the police for two and a half years but the crime branch has searched him out. The police have arrested five persons along with him who committed the crime.

One more culprit of the crime had already been killed in a gang war.  It was also strange that the police couldn’t solve the case and the culprits were moving freely until the case was transferred to the crime branch.

According to the DCP (crime branch) they arrested all the five alleged culprit on the tip received. After interrogation it was revealed that Niket’s father had the business of spices in Kharibaoli market. He got second marriage after the death of his first wife. He had four children from his first wife and Niket was the youngest one. His elder son died in mysterious circumstances in Himachal Pradesh last year. His dead body was found in a burnt state in his car. Second son was mentally unbalanced and had also died. His third child is a daughter who is married and lives with her in-laws.

According to the sources Niket and his father had very strained relations. Niket was annoyed with his father as his father was spending money lavishly and he was also not happy for his father’s second marriage.  His father used to misbehave with him. Niket thought if his father had spent money so abundantly what would have been left for him one day. Having this thought he along with his friend made the plan to get his father killed. On behalf of Niket Lalit hired the killers in ten Lakhs rupees.

On 11th January 2008, as per the plan, when his father had gone to morning walk he was shot dead. After the killing the executioners collected the money and took to their heels. When local police failed to solve the case and the time has passed long, Nikesh sold his father’s shop.

It is the recent example how a man can take such a drastic step. Not only he has ruined his own life but also the remaining members will also suffer a lot. They can’t even live in society with a desired honor.

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