Astrology and Govinda!!!

Astrology is always a subject of interest. Most of the people don’t believe in it up to some extent but at some point they also want to get its help. People generally feel they are not achieving what they wish to be so when their thoughts weaken them they go under the shelter of astrology.

The same happened with Govinda, a Hindi film star as per the NBT news. Govinda is baldy so he went to London for weaving but as the astrologer suggested him that the time for weaving hair is not good for him. On the advice of the astrologer he returned from London without meeting the physician. It is well known how much Govinda is orthodox. It was the height of orthodoxy when Govinda came back from London on the advice of his astrologer. It is evident Govinda had been going to London for hair weaving for three years but this time he came back as the ‘Shubh Lagna’ was not in his ‘Kundli’.

According to the nearest sources of him, he went for hair weaving and for that he had the long meeting with the physician. The doctor told him to come the next day although weaving was to be done on the third day but he didn’t turn up the following day. He had already flown to India. Actually before going to the doctor Govinda phoned  his astrologer and sought for his advice. The clairvoyant advised him to postpone the weaving. Hearing it Govinda didn’t waste a second and took the flight of India to go home.

Obviously a question comes in to the mind if Govinda must take advice of the seer before going to London. Again there is a problem as Govinda himself is not predictive. Nobody knows what Govinda will do the next moment even he himself doesn’t know about his next action. Therefore it was difficult to discuss with the fortune-teller.

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