Deteriorating law and order situation of Delhi:

Men as well as most of the animals live in groups. Group renders them some facilities like security, affection, even new offspring learns so many things in the group and in other words it can be said that their survival is possible only in group. For additional security man made his groups bigger and bigger in ascending order like family, colony, city, state and at last country. There are also many efforts to keep on uniting all the countries. In this process many laws are framed that are applicable on all the nations. Now some people use a word global village for the whole world.

To keep this society in peace many laws and norms are formed. A special group of people with special training is created that is called police. The duty of the police is to maintain the law and order. In this work the police seems to be capable but some times in special circumstances the police appears incapable. To solve such cases special types of police are formed called CBI, CID, RAW etc.

Having all such type of security groups, crime has not been eradicated. Some times it looks as if it has increased many folds. If we talk about Delhi that is called the capital of India the crime rate is at its peak. The morning newspaper is full of crime stories; not only the third page which is used for such news is full of such incidents but also the front page is full of these ill events. This shows that Delhi has been converted into the city of crimes. When such situation occurs in any city it is difficult to live there.

To control this horrible situation the Govt. must take some bold steps and decisions intelligently and honestly. Some people say that law and order of Delhi can’t be controlled as the police, leaders and the Govt. itself is corrupt but one should always be positive only than solution can be found out. Now the time has come when we must do some concrete work on this issue.

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