Public schools v/s Govt. schools

There are so many schools running in Delhi, one of the metro cities of India. These are run by the Govt. as well as by private sector and these are called Govt. and public schools respectively. The public schools have grown up like mushroom in the last two decades. In the last one decade it has become quite clear in everybody’s mind that it is a profitable business. Everyone has a strong wish to run a public school whether he himself is educated or not and the reason is only one that has already been told above. These public schools charge rather high fees. They don’t charge fees for the need of the school but they charge fees as much as they can for the sole motive of profit. There teaching faculty is not better qualified as compared to the Govt. school teaching staff. Most of the public school teachers try to join the Govt. school but no Govt. school teacher wants to join public school. The reason is quite obvious so need not explain it here. I dare to say that it shows that the Govt. school teachers are more efficient than the public school teachers. But one thing is just reverse of it; the public school administration binds the teachers to do hard work but in the Govt. schools such type of administration lacks. That is the reason why public schools are considered better than the Govt. schools.

It is obvious that the people wish to get their children admitted in these public schools. Therefore the public schools misuse the parents’ emotions. Parents are ready to accept their all the undue demands.

Every year the Govt. announce that it will make some guide lines for public schools so that parents will be at ease but in vain. This year also it seems to be the same scene. The Govt. said the public school can adopt new admission procedure as per their need but under the Govt. guidance. The statement appears to be dubious. Instead of this the Govt. has increased the poor Quota seats to 25% from 15%. The fees of this 10% increased quota will be paid by the Govt. It is difficult to understand the Govt. decision. Why the Govt. wants to increase poor quota in these public school when the people who can afford the public school fees are already in problem for admission.

The Govt. is already running its own schools and these schools are equally rather more capable to provide better education. It is better if the Govt. concentrate at its schools. The Govt. schools can provide better results if sincere efforts are made.

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