Night shelters in Delhi

Delhi is a city of varieties means that if you think something you will find it and along with this poverty is also in abundance here. The basic need of a man is food, clothes and shelter. Food provides energy and essential constituents to the body whereas clothes protect the body from the bad effects of the weather. Nowadays men live in civilized society where living naked is prohibited though there is no such law written in the constitution of India. If it is written that is not in my knowledge but even then society will not permit anyone to live without clothes. The third essential thing is shelter or it can be called house. Shelter means any closed place where one can be prevented from cold, heat and rains as per the weather conditions.

In the winter shelter is really a need of everyone for sleeping at night. There are many hundred people who have no refuge to live in Delhi. To prevent them from cold the Govt. has constructed many Pucca shelters and some temporary shelters for homeless people at different places in Delhi.

The Supreme Court of India has also ordered the concerned authorities to build more asylums for these homeless people. Some agencies are working in this direction. The matter of homeless children is very sensitive as well as complicated. Some children don’t go to these night shelters to sleep as they are afraid of these places. Some of them are addicted to drugs and prefer to sleep near roads to the haven. An NGO working to these homeless children says there are also some other reasons that makes the problem graver. One of the members of this organization said, ‘The problem can be solved if the work is done in all directions keeping in view all points related to them because age and gender both are sensitive points.’  Drug addict children need both shelter as well as counseling.

There are four types of shelters required separately for different categories of people like children, female, male and family. The Govt. can’t leave them abondoned so a permanent policy should be framed for night shelters as these are the need of the city.

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