Indians are quite fertile !!!

Every day some wonderful story appears in a newspaper as it is the only source to know new information though TV also provides us what is happening around. Today there was a story related to an old man of 94 years. The man is blessed with a son in this age. His first wife died many years ago so he married again to a lady who was in mid forties at that time. After ten years of marriage, now she has delivered a male baby. Both the mother and child are well at present. The delivery was made in a Govt. hospital in Haryana as they live there.

The old man is very happy after hearing this news. He has beaten the old record by four years as an old man of ninety years of age got a son. This new record might be the world record and may be added in the Guinness book of world records.

The man who started keeping these world records must himself be a wonderful man. This is a great thing to keep such records. Everybody knows about it but doesn’t know how to proceed if any such strange thing is found in the society. If this amazing event finds place in the Guinness book, it will be the pride for India that Indian men are so fertile. It may be possible that the committee of Guinness book will examine the claim from all the angles as before sending it there it is better the case must be made strong enough. For that we must obtain the age proof of the great old man and it had better if the DNA test for paternity is got done. Having completed all the formalities the case can be safely sent to the Guinness book of world records.

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