Pets understand many things

It is considered that dog is the first companion of man and its faithfulness has also been proved. Many people love to keep dog in their houses. The dog has many varieties starting from very big dog to a very small dog; the bigger one is as big as a lion and is used in hunting where as small one is as small as like a rabbit. Dogs are used in police to catch the culprits and even in army too. Dogs push the cart at the places where the land is covered with snow whole of the year. In this way dog shows its presence every where. People keep them in house as a pet that is used for house security as well as for fun sake.

Some people love their dogs like their own child; if any body misbehaves with their dogs they become annoyed with the person concerned. Some people talk to their dogs for a long time at a stretch. They love to keep such dogs who can understand their chatter.

There is a dog, named Chaser. It is being claimed that Chaser understands more than one thousand words. It is widely thought that no animal can learn this much of words. In the year 2000, a dog, named Rico in Germany knew only 200 words. According to a British newspaper, psychiatrist Aliston Reed and the owner of Chaser told that Chaser has learned more than one thousand words at the age of six. Three years back both Dr Pilli and Professor Reed had started working on the subject as to how big was the vocabulary of Chaser. They had named one thousand and twenty two toys. After a regular training given to Chaser they found that Chaser could remember about one thousand such names. Chaser now can differentiate them according to their size and shape. It is worth while to mention here that even three year old boy can also do this much work. The aim of Professor Reed was to know the limit of the memory of dogs. Chaser had taken 838 tests and it never got less than 18 marks out of 20. Its capabilities have been published in the New Scientist magazine. Chaser was given three orders along with the name of the toy – walked with pressing its toes, pushed with the nose and brought it here. Generally pet owners think that there pets understand many things and now science says they are right.

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