There are some premier institutes in India where education of international standard is provided. All India Institute of Medical Sciences is considered among one of them. Such Institutes organize their own competitive exams for the admission seekers. Every year students in thousands in number appear in such exams and only a few of them who are really called cream and lucky get admission there.

AIIMS also conducts such exam for those who want to get admission in graduate, PG and super specialty courses. The institute declares the names of the successful candidates only but doesn’t reveal the marks of the others. The institute neither returns the answer sheet of the students nor shows them answer copy of the question paper. So the candidates can’t come to know where they have made errors in the answer sheet. This year one of the unsuccessful candidates tried to know his mistakes and for that he used the help of the RTI but the competition authority refused to hand over his answer sheet by saying that it was the property of the institute.

Then the candidate moved to the High Court for justice. AIIMS authority again kept its side in the same fashion by saying that it was its intellectual property so they were unable to hand over him the answer sheet as could be misused. The Court asked the authority the name who could misuse it. The authority couldn’t answer this question appropriately so the court ordered the authority to give the candidate his answer sheet along with the answer copy of the question paper. This is really a big relief to the candidate as well as to all the admission seeker students. Now the students will be able to know where they make muddle so that they can rectify it in future.

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