Bronchial Asthma and Homeopathy !!!

Yesyerday a patient of mine, Asha (name changed) came with her husband and son to my office to show her medical reports that were suggested to her a day before. That was in fact the first day when she consulted me for her ailment. She was suffering from difficulty in breathing along with some other symptoms. She was having it for the last six/seven years. I asked her what type of stress she got before that. But she was unable to recall the old memories as no doctor had asked her such question. I took her complete medical history and examined her thoroughly. Then I diagnosed her that she might be suffering from Bronchial Asthma. I advised her to go for some pathological tests and x-ray.  Even after these tests, her diagnosis was same.

I prescribed her some medicines that were dispensed in my clinic. The day when she came to show me her reports I asked her about her condition. She told me that she felt better then. Even she was looking cheerful too. Her husband was also looking happy and satisfied with the treatment.

He asked me how the Bronchial Asthma occurs and what its symptoms are. I replied his query as follows. It is a disease which occurs in the lungs so it can be called respiratory disease and affects any age group. The man who has a family history of Bronchial Asthma or Tuberculosis may be more susceptible to such diseases. Some types of allergies also cause it. Most of the Asthma patients are allergic to dust, mites, pollens and smokes. In spite of these there are more than thousands things which may cause it. Some patients even give history of eczema which they had before getting Asthma. It is really difficult to explain all the causes of it. Asthma itself has many varieties that are all explainable.

There is a long list of medicines that are used in Homeopathy. Some medicines have special affinity on the bronchioles that can be prescribed quite easily after a little efforts. These medicines are given in mother tincture form but their effects are not long lasting. There is still one more type of treatment for Asthma called constitutional treatment. That is truly very effective and has the capacity to provide the patient satisfactory results. The doctor requires a lot of skill to provide such treatment.

It is certain that Homeopathy has better capacity to treat Bronchial Asthma than other systems of medicine as per my opinion though some people may differ from my judgment.

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