Migrain and Lac Caninum !!!

Today I was in a confusion what medicine should we study as nothing special was in mind. Suddenly I thought to study Lac Caninum. Caninum on its own defines that it is related to animal kingdom. Canine is an adjective and used for dog so the medicine prepared from her dog’s milk is called Lac Caninum. It is a very good medicine in conditions like tonsillitis, migraine etc. which has a character to change the side. This symptom is markedly present in this remedy. This medicine is also used for drying up the milk of nursing woman if needed. It is just the reverse of Lac Defloratum as it is used to increase the flow of milk in lactating mother.

Forgetfulness and weakness of memory is present in this medicine. It is a strange symptom as it is known that the dog can remember many things at a time. According to a new research a dog can remember about one thousand words so it is difficult to explain why ‘forgetfulness’ is present in the medicine. Anacadium also has forgetfulness but it occurs in those who do a lot of mental work. In Acid-Phos, forgetfulness is due to over indulgence in sexual activity. Baryta-Carb’s forgetfulness is found in children or in old aged people. Glonine is a medicine used in patients who forget even the well known streets but in Medorrhinum the patient forgets particularly the names.

Lac Can patient is having hyperesthesia too.

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