Whooping Cough and Coccus Cacti !!!

Coccus Cacti is a medicine given in Homeopathic Materia Medica . I have studied this medicine so many times and also used it on my patients suffering from some respiratory conditions. Today when I was reading this medicine I got one new point that it is prepared from a bug found on the cactus of Mexico and America and it is the reason that the second word in the name of this medicine is cacti. When I asked one of my colleagues who was talking to me on phone about the source of this medicine he told me that it is prepared from cactus as cacti is given in its name. Then I told him the whole story of this medicine.

One more thing is peculiar in Coccus Cacti that the ailment of this medicine appears from cold; it may be cold weather, cold drink or air but when the patient starts suffering from respiratory problems he demands again cold drinks to take as he feels better after taking them even in cold air he feels better.

Whooping cough is marked in it and the expectoration is stringy, viscid, and white in color that comes out with difficulty. After expectoration, paroxysm of cough is relieved. Cough is more aggravated at 2 or 3 in the morning. Kali Bich also has the ropy mucous but it is greenish yellow in appearance.

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