The Height of Suspicion and Homeopathy!!!

Suspicious is an adjective and used generally to characterize human nature but some time it finds itself in animals too. If it is present in a man as a subsidiary disposition it is useful and makes the man more vigil. But when it is found as a main character it works as a curse. In Homeopathy the word suspicious is elaborated in detail so that the system can be used to control this evil.

Before discussing it I want to narrate a story related to an animal in which the height of the suspicion is shown.

In a jungle, there was a pond where a big family of tortoise lived. Once they went far from the pond for picnic. In the afternoon, all got hungry and opened their lunch box to have the meal. Soon they realized that all the dishes were lacking in salt. Having found the food tasteless a small tortoise said that he would go back home to bring the salt but there is a condition that no one would take lunch until he came back. All of them accepted his condition as it was the need of the hour. The small tortoise then went to bring the salt. He didn’t return though the sun was about to set. After a thought they decided to take the food as they were already very late. As soon as they began to eat, the small tortoise appeared in front of them and said, ‘I know the nature of my family and my suspicion find me correct. Knowing well your nature I did not go home but hid behind the bushes.’ On hearing his talk, the rest of the family members couldn’t help laughing as they knew the suspicious nature of the little tortoise. But on the whole it can be said that it was the height of suspicion.

In Homeopathy there is a long list of medicines having the character, Suspicion; these are about one hundred and ten in numbers.  Lachesis and Stramonium are well known for it; every homeopathic physician knows about them and cures successfully many ailments when he finds ‘suspicious’ as a prominent feature in any patient with these medicines.

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