Red Light on vehicle and so called VIPs

People in Delhi break so many laws every day as either they don’t know about the laws or deliberately break them for amusement. Some of them don’t abide by those laws which are not applicable on all, like using red light over the car. Only some VIP’s can use red light on their vehicle so that they can pass the road comfortably. But some people use it on their car to show that they were also having a tag of VIP. Some emergency vehicles like ambulance, fire- brigade, PCR, and police patrolling can use red lights. Some people in Delhi can use red light on their car like central VIP’s, besides them Governor, Chief-Minister, High Court Judges and some other designated VIP’s can use red lights on their cars. Anybody else if uses it is liable to be punished.

The traffic police have begun a drive against those who are illegally using red light on their vehicle. The police took an action against fifteen people. An MP, two MLAs, and one traffic department officer were among those fifteen people who were caught for this offence. There is also an important point which came in the notice that most of them don’t belong to Delhi. Besides this some of them are only block or district presidents of a political party. Not only they ruin their own image but also defame their party.

Some people are attached with traffic police through the face book. These people have queried about the red light users on the face book. There is a thought that the police started driving this movement after this query. The Joint CP, Satyender Garg said that he had also gotten such complaints.  After that different teams of the police stopped the red light users and enquired of their eligibility and caught those who were using the red light illegally. The punishment of this offence is only hundred rupees and cancellation of the registration of the vehicle as well as taking the vehicle in its custody.

It was not mentioned in the news that the police have taken any of the vehicles in its custody. The police drive would not have been effective in the last if they had challaned the culprit by hundred rupees only. If the police really want to stop this practice they have to increase the penalties.

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