Nathu and his daughter

Nathu, a resident of Faridabad and father of a daughter, took such a drastic step that nobody even thinks of it. Out of frustration and feeling of helplessness he killed his own daughter himself. Nathu in fact had settled his daughter’s marriage with a boy of his own cast. He was thus managing every thing that was required in the marriage as per the custom of his society but the lack of funds was the only obstacle in the marriage. He tried his best to raise the required funds but in vain. He wandered around the Govt. agency being as its employee and also went to his relatives and friends but couldn’t get any ray of hope. As the date of marriage was coming near, his anxiety was also increasing how he would perform all the rituals in absence of required funds.

There was no undue pressure from the boy’s family even then he wanted to spend the money that he couldn’t arrange at any cost. This shows there might have been two possibilities; one, he wanted to spend more money in his daughter’s marriage as most of the parents do in India, and second, the boy’s parents had demanded him some undue dowry for which he didn’t want to tell anyone. In the end it can be concluded that any one of the reasons might have led him to go for such a brutal act.

Every girl’s parents should therefore understand one thing clearly that they are not inferior to the boy’s family status. They had better find a boy who is either equal to them or a little lower than them montarily. This is the only way to make a girl happy.

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