A tour to Ganga Sagar and Sunderban :- day first

I had been planning to visit Ganga Sagar, a Hindu religious place, for many a month but the program matured in this February only.  I with Mira went there on 13th Feb 2011. We took the 9.30 flight for Kolkata in the morning. Arriving at Kolkata airport, we got our luggage from the conveyer belt. There was the tourism office inside the airport. Seeing it I got an idea to inquire of Ganga Sagar route. The person on the desk suggested me to take a cab for the place, Esplanade, and from where I may get another taxi to go to the destined place. I then went to the prepaid booth for cab but the man concerned informed that the cab would not go to Esplanade that day as there was a huge political rally, so the roads were jammed. He also suggested me to take a private car to go to Ganga Sagar. We took the private car from a man who was also sitting in the same booth. The driver put our luggage in the trunk and drove to Ganga Sagar. The car left us at the Ferry Ghat; from there one can take boat to cross the river to go Ganga Sagar. The car took about three hours to drop us at Ferry Ghat. Salt Lake and Diamond Harbor areas came in between the route. At Ferry Ghat we took lunch but it was little tasty. After that we crossed the river by ferry which took more than half an hour to cross the river. The distance between the two shores was quite large so it was difficult to think that it was a river. It seemed to be a part of the sea. On the other side of the river we took the cycle rickshaw which had the plain platform to sit over. It took us near to the taxi stand. After much bargaining for charges with the taxi driver, we took the taxi to go to Ganga Sagar where people take holy dip in the water. It was also settled with him that he would leave us back here next day. The taxi took more than an hour to arrive at the site of Ganga Sagar.

Having arrived at Ganga Sagar we first found out the room which we got it in Bharat Sewa Ashram. The room was quite an ordinary one. If a man like me is not on a pilgrimage he might not prefer to stay there. Keeping our luggage in the room we went to the sea beach to take a holy dip. Then we took the ‘Darshan’ of Kapil Muni in his temple as it was the ritual.

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