Second day at the Ganga Sagar and Sunderban trip

Next day in the morning, we took again a holy dip in Ganga Sagar and did ‘Pooja’. We then came back to the Ashram. Meanwhile the cab driver phoned me up about our further program. I told him to come to the Asharm. He left us at the place from where the ferry moves. I bought two tickets to cross the water. There was still some time for the ferry to start, so in the meanwhile we took tea and some snacks from a nearby tea shop. We did bye – bye to Ganga Sagar and boarded the ferry. Having crossed the river in about half an hour, we enquired about the mode of transport to go to Sunderban. We found a private bus that was going to Namkhana. I thought we could get a boat from there so we got on the bus. Arriving there we however came to know that there is no regular service of boat that goes to Sunderban. So we took the train from there for Canning, but we had to change the train from Sonarpur to go to Canning. Arriving at Canning I telephoned the manager of Sajneykhali Tourist Lodge to ask him about the further route to our destination. He suggested to me to reach Gothkhali by a mini bus, called Tata Magic and also arranged the boat for us that would take us to Sajnekhali tourist lodge. Reaching at Gothkhali I enquired of the boat but it was not there. It was already dark. I again phoned to the manager and asked about the boat. He gave me the mobile phone no. of the boatman but in the meanwhile he appeared there. He kept our luggage in his boat and started driving the boat.

On the way we had a new experience because as only our boat was moving in the water towards our lodge and at both edges of the water there was wood all over. There was complete silence except the mild noise of the running engine of the boat. On the name of light there was only moon light. Mixture of all these things did create a very special scene.

Arriving at Sajnekhali Tourist Lodge after about three hours, we were welcomed by the manager. We completed the formalities of the lodge and went into our room. There were a lot of monkeys who sometimes enter the room and cause nuisance. So we were warned to keep the room door closed all the time. After relaxing for some time we went to the dinning hall where vegetarian food was served as per our wish. The atmosphere was lively though there was no crowd. Having had the dinner we went to the room.

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