Third day of the visit to Sunderban and Ganga Sagar trip

In the morning we got up cheerfully. I came out of the room to see the view of the wood and weather at that point of time. The weather was pleasant and the wood was covered with fog. Some monkeys were playing by jumping and climbing on the trees as well as on the building. Mira opened the window of the room. A little monkey immediately came near the window and tried to enter the room but couldn’t succeed as there was a grill in the window even though it didn’t stop its efforts to come in to the room. Having seen its constant efforts we were obliged to think that it would have succeeded in the end. So we closed down the window. After some time I again opened the window. I was surprised to see that the same monkey was hiding there and immediately it began trying to enter the room again. Seeing its efforts I was forced to think that this monkey was very optimistic.

After some time I went near the kitchen where the waiter wished and asked me about tea. I answered him in yes and instructed that he must serve us tea without sugar. After about ten minutes he served us tea that was good in taste. I took bath in warm water and felt more fresh after that. I put the camera and phone on charging as usual. Meanwhile Mira took her bath.

We went to the watch tower to see the jungle which had a lot of mangrove trees along with some varieties of other plants. We saw every thing in the jungle except tiger that was the real charm of the area. The tiger normally looks pretty when there is a fence between tiger and you. We passed a lot of time on the watch tower but couldn’t get a glimpse of a tiger. There was one more watch tower. While we were sitting there a monkey came near us. There were some eatables in Mira’s bag, which was the reason why the monkey came there. After some time, we came down and went to the reception where the manager told us that we couldn’t go to the other side of Sunderban as the Governor of the state was coming there. The manager added that there was a place called Netidopani where we could go but the boat would take at least five hours to go there. The proposal was not worth for us as we wanted to leave the lodge on the same day. So we decided to go to the other island called Gosaba.

Having cleared the bill of the lodge we went to Pakhriala, a part of the other island, by the same boat as it was at our disposal. In Pakhriala, there was also a guest house which was looking good from outside. People had mud houses and they were busy with their fish activity etc. We took tea from one of the tea stalls which was being run by a lady. We also purchased honey from the same lady. She claimed the honey as pure and which was collected from the wood. After that we left Pakhriala and went to the other part of Gosaba.

There was a big market where so many things were being sold. Mira bought some cotton saris from there. We decided to stay at Gosaba so I went to see a good hotel but they were not very good. We then decided to go ahead to Kolkata. The boatman dropped us down to Gothkhali.

We took a jeep from there to go to Canning. When we reached Canning, it was quite dark. From Canning, we boarded the train to go to Sealdah. Having arrived at Saldah we took a hotel to pass the night.

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