Fourth and the last day of Ganga Sagar and Sunderban tour

In the morning, on the fourth day I got up fresh as I had a good sleep. That day we had to take Delhi flight at 5.30 in the evening. We were ready by eight and took a cup of tea as well as cleared the hotel account. I enquired from the hotel manager for a taxi to visit some places in Kolkata. He told me that he could arrange a taxi. Getting my acceptance he called a taxi. We kept the luggage in the trunk of the taxi and told him to go to Belur Math. It is situated at the western side of river Hooghly (Ganga). The foundation of Belur Math is laid by Swami Vivekananda. We reached there at 10.30. It was quite neat and clean place. In the main building, many articles which belonged to Swami Vivekananda were kept. His old house replica was also there. The life history of Swami Ji was shown in a sequence quite decently. The temple there was also very charming. Seeing it we came back near the taxi.

We got into the taxi to visit Dakshineswar Kali temple which is at the other verge of the river but the taxi took a long route to cross the same. The temple is famous all over India. It was my second visit to the temple. We had visited it many years back, that time there was a huge rush. There might have been some festival at that time. This time the crowd was in a tolerable level. After getting Darshan we came back near the taxi.

We then drove to the City Mall that was near the Kolkata airport. We enjoyed at the Mall and did some shopping too. I was just turning the pages of a book and read one sentence which inspired me to buy the said book. The sentence was like this: India is not a poor country but it is a poorly managed country. So I purchased the book which in fact was written on the present condition of India. We also took a cup of tea there and came out of the Mall.

Now it was the time for lunch; so we went to Haldiram eating outlet that was about one kilometer from the Mall. We enjoyed the delicious lunch there. The taxi driver dropped us at the airport. He charged me one hundred rupees extra by making some excuse. I paid him his desired amount as I was happy about my journey. We boarded the plane and came back home gladly.

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