Homeopathic Calcarea Carb – a glimpse

Calc Carb is a medicine which mainly contains Calcium and is prepared from oyster’s shell. It has fat, fair, flabby constitution. It has leucophlegmatic temperament as Dr. Gurensey has stated in his book, the patient is calm and quiet in nature.

There is defective bone development. Some bones are over fed and others are deficient in nutrition. Fontanels are open. Head is large in size. There may be hydrocephalus.

Perspiration occurs on the whole body or on the single part as may be on palm and soles only. There may be sweating only on the head which wets the pillow around the head while the patient is asleep. There is coldness of the body which may be subjective, objective or both. The patient feels as if feet have cold and humid stockings.

Perspiration smells sour as all the discharges of Cal Carb are sour like vomiting, diarrhea and even eructation. Sulphur differs here from Calcarea as it has foul smell. The whole alimentary canal is sour. The patient feels better when constipated. It has diarrhea which is worse in afternoon but Sulphur has morning diarrhea. The child longs eggs and indigestible things.

The skin is cold and clammy but Sulphur has marked burning especially on the feet. It has eczema capitis and milk crusts on the head of the baby. It has the power to cure these conditions if other symptoms agree. Here Dr. Clark rightly emphasized that Homeopathy treats the patient not the disease. Graphite has marked affinity in those who are obese and have skin trouble.

It particularly affects the upper two third portion of the right lung while Sulphur affects the upper one third part of left lung. It can treat even pulmonary phthisis.

It is worse by cold weather, wet, walking, ascending and exertion. Exertion causes dysponea.

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