Two sisters and Depression!!!

Depression is a disease concerned with mind. In it the patient looks absolutely healthy in the beginning. When symptoms of it are mild in nature it is difficult to recognize. The family members and friends of the patient don’t smell about his disease. They think his behaviour is such and ignore the seriousness of it. When the disease is in its full bloom, it is too late to handle the situation successfully. The same happened with two sisters who lived in Noida.

Two sisters lived in Noida with their parents. One of them was chartered accountant and they have also one brother who worked in a multinational company situated in other state of India. Obviously he was living there. Every thing was going well in the family. One cruel day, their father went to heaven as he met an accident. Some months later, their mother also died a natural death. After that both the sisters were left alone but a pet dog.

One day their pet dog also died without any reason. So both the sisters went under sever depression and the sister who was employed left her job. Both of them locked themselves inside the door. They started taking food less and less day by day. In the consequence they became weaker than before and their depression went on the increase. At the end they started living only on a pinch of salt.

One day people got information about them, so the door of their house was broken. They were taken to hospital where one of them died next day and other is still fighting for life.

A question arises that they were living in the most posh city and no body took care of them. Who is responsible for the whole episode and what is the remedy of it so that the incidence won’t happen again.

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