A brave lady

Showing courage is a difficult task for everyone as everybody is not as brave as some of them are. Recently a lady showed her braveness and foiled the accused’s plan. She is a daughter of a police officer. She had gone to the market to buy a brick of ice-cream when the incident occurred. A bike-borne chain snatcher tried to grab her chain from her neck. Her mind immediately understood the situation and ordered her to take an action. She caught the snatcher though he was on the bike. The snatcher ran on his motor-bike but she didn’t leave him. She was dragged with the bike on the road. After a reasonable distance his bike got imbalanced and he fell down on the road.

A police patrolling van was going from there; they realized the state of affairs and took immediate action. In this way the snatcher was caught red handed but his accomplice managed to flee from the scene. The lady got bruises and some injury on her knees. People also gathered around the place of incident; all of them were praising the guts of the lady.

Under investigation, it was revealed that the culprit committed the crime to fulfill his addiction. The lady was awarded by the police department for her heroism. May God bless everyone to show such valor.

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