Farmhouses in Delhi!

here are so many farmhouses scattered all over Delhi. They may be in hundreds and the real figure is not available even with the Govt. There are about thirty farmhouses registered for commercial purposes. Here the meaning of ‘commercial’ is that it can be used for performing marriages and functions. Some of the farmhouse owners have converted the land in a beautiful garden along with a boundary wall around it. A concrete structure has also been erected with a big hall which is used as a dinning hall or performing other events as per the needs. In the open ground, a huge temporary ‘Shamiana’ is also installed for meeting the demand of the host. In nutshell, it can be said that a farmhouse land is used like a banquet hall.

In reality the farmhouse means that a place which is used for growing crops and rearing animals. If farmhouses in Delhi are not being used as for its specific purposes, they should be closed down. If the farm house owner use it for some other purpose, he must first go to the concerned authority to get the land use changed. After getting the NOC from the competent authority, he is eligible to use the piece of land for some other purpose.

According to MCD, only 38 farm houses are registered for commercial activity. A question arises whether the MCD is competent to change the land use or not. It is evident that the majority farm houses in Delhi are being used for marriages and other type of functions that is really illegal. The Govt. must take some concrete steps to stream line them.

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