How people react on an earthquake

Yesterday, in the afternoon at 5 I sat on the couch and was reading a book. I felt as if I was oscillating along with the sofa. Experiencing it I told Mira in high volume that there was an earthquake. She thought that I was telling it to her just as fun as my voice was quite calm. So she didn’t pay much heed to my information. After a while I turned the TV on, a breaking news was flashing at the bottom of the TV screen. She then realized that I was telling her truth. Later, the same was confirmed by Vaibhav and Sambhav, my sons.

Vaibhav works in a company where all are Indians and even the MD of the company is Indian. When the earthquake was experienced by the employees in the office, their boss suggested them not to come in panic, just sit at their respective seats and do their work as they do usually. On the other side, Sambhav works in a multinational company where they have set norms for every hue and cry. When the employees of his company experienced earthquake a siren started buzzing and all the employees came out of the building.

These two different types of behavior in the same situation show that the culture of the Indian and the foreign company is quite different. It is difficult to say which one is correct. Only time proves that at one time one is correct and at the other time second may be correct.

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