English – a boon or a curse?

A friend of mine, Dr Khurana, an allopathic doctor, has retired from a Govt. hospital a long back so he is quite aged and well experienced. He has three sons; all are settled abroad in two different countries. His wife died a few years ago so he also passes his most of the time abroad with his sons. He enjoyed travelling frequently from one place to another. When he comes to India he usually comes to my clinic. I have been treating him for his ENT trouble which had been worsened after surgery but now he is in a comfortable zone as far as ENT is concerned.

This time he returned from Australia about a week ago. He came to my clinic today to see me as well as to collect his medicine from my clinic. I always welcome him warmly and he also tries to respond in the same fashion. He told me that he was going to Moscow just after three days. I gave him his due medicines and offered a cup of coffee too. We were discussing the present situation of India as well as comparing Indian living condition with Australia and some European countries. I told him that British had given us nothing. Then he replied that they gave us one very precious thing without disclosing the name of that valuable. Having heard his comment I asked him about the thing. Then he said in one word, ‘English’.

Now I enquired of the meaning of English from him; I said, ‘Do you mean it English as a language.’ He nodded his head positively. I was amazed hearing his reply. I told him that my views were rather different from him. He tried me to convince that without English how we could get education and our country progress. Now I have understood about his superficial thoughts. I asked him a question; Can you tell me how Japan, Germany, Russia and even China have developed their countries rather better than English speaking countries. Now he was obliged to think on my thought and said, ‘I have never thought at this point; now I feel that English is a curse for us rather than boon. No country can do its development without using its own language.’

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