A seminar in Haryana !

Recently I went to Rohtak, a district of Haryana state in India, to attend a seminar on Homeopathy. Haryana is not a rich state as far as Homeopathy is concerned but two renowned speakers from Mumbai were coming there who might have made the seminar valuable. When I along with my four friends reached seminar place, there was a lively atmosphere which was showing that the seminar would be successful.

Getting our names registered, we were served breakfast. After that we went to the auditorium which was well cooled by ACs. Organizers were waiting for the chief guest to start the program. It was 1, o’clock when the opening ceremonies had come to an end. The delegates had been impatient and annoyed due to this mismanagement but they showed their disapproval only by their facial expressions.

Immediately after that they introduced one of the speaker named Dr.VS (Later on, I will call him only VS). VS started his lecture in a very stylish way with the aid of computer. He explained many things which were related to classical literature of Homeopathy. Some of the thoughts were not accepted by some audience as these were being presented either in a distorted manner or in such a way that couldn’t be digested. It was clearly shown that VS wanted to present the simple things in a complicated form so that the audience would feel that he was quite learned. He showed a statement which was written by Dr. Hahnemann, in which Hahnemann accepted that Homeopathy couldn’t provide you encouraging results. It was semi true as he concealed the real context why and when Hahnemann used this sentence. It was difficult to understand what the speaker wanted to present in front of the delegates. In a nutshell it could be said that his show was not worth attending though he continued his session till late evening. Organizers provided the delegates a good lunch as well as a delicious dinner. They tried their best to show a good hospitality.

Next day the seminar began in time after the breakfast. That day speaker was Dr. A.S. (short name). One of my colleagues in Delhi is her great fan after hearing her one lecture in some other seminar. That time she really performed well; I was also present at that time. She started her lecture by showing some audio – visual aided case records. She tried to explain them with some new idea that was not at all convincing. Some learned delegates asked her to explain the new idea which she couldn’t express properly. Hearing many cross questioning she was about to go in fit of irritation but at the eleventh hour one of the organizers managed the situation by saying that question- answer session would be kept in the last. Two of my companions had become bored with her lectures and were insisting us on going back home. Considering their request we returned to Delhi after having lunch. If her fan had also attended the seminar what would have passed in his heart.