An inverter mechanic

Yesterday, all of a sudden my office electricity behaved strangely. The main line indicator was showing that the power supply was there but tube lights and fans stopped their functioning. I asked my assistant why the electricity was not functioning well and inverter was also not working. I thought the voltage of the electricity had dipped down suddenly so that tube lights and fans had stopped functioning but inverter was not getting signals of power brake as very low voltage power was still there.

I told my assistant to go to enquire about the real position of the power supply. He returned after some time and said, ‘The other shop keepers and offices were enjoying full voltage power supply.’ Then I realized that there was a fault somewhere in my office. I cut down the inverter circuit from the main power supply and to my surprise the power supply was restored immediately. One thing I forgot to mention here that I first switched on my stabilizer of AC to check the input voltage of the electricity which I found within normal limits. After that I did the above mentioned task. I repeated the above said procedure and got the same result. Then I realized that the inverter might be faulty.

I sent my assistant to call the mechanic. He left the message at his shop and came back. Today in the morning, the mechanic came to check the inverter. Checking it he told me that there was a fault in the connector of the inverter. I suggested him to replace it with standby. So he returned after sometime with another inverter. When he installed the standby it also behaved the same as the original inverter did. He got puzzled as I was standing there. I smelled his some wrong doing but didn’t say to him anything as I had no other option to call some other one. He promised me to install it back by the next day. Let us hope for the best.