Metro – a life line of Delhi

Metro – a life line of Delhi:

Metro train is the latest mode of transport in Delhi that has been functioning efficiently for more than a decade. It has rendered a new hope to Delhi people as the roads have been over congested and no other solution is being evinced. At one point, Metro passengers are confident that they will definitely get another train after a few minutes if their first train is missed. Secondly, as it is air-conditioned so the journey is always comfortable. Thirdly, it is clean and tidy as far as coaches and stations are concerned.

To keep it clean, the metro authorities always warn of the commuters not to make it dirty by any means, even sitting on the floor and spitting are punishable. If you think they warn the travelers just for the sake of warning, you are wrong at this situation; they have punished seventeen thousand four hundred and sixty four passengers for breaking the metro rules inside the metro premises in about last three years.  The maximum commuters were challaned for spitting in the metro empire and they were six thousand and twenty six in numbers. On second count, people who rode in to the ladies special coaches were punished and were three thousand and eighty four. Coaches reserved for ladies were introduced in the metro during October, 2010. Two thousand and seventeen passengers who damaged the metro property were fined. One thousand three hundred and twenty four metro users who created nuisance were also penalized. Even drunkards were also charged.

Many rules which are not mentioned in the list were also busted like breaking the queue, not returning the travelling coins, etc. But metro authority has also punished these people. In the last three years, the metro has collected revenue of rupees thirty six lakh and thirty thousand by fine. Laws are not made to harass the people but they provide us harmony and comforts, provided they are implemented effectively and honestly.

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