Two Pigeons

A pair of pigeons has been coming to my house for the last one week. They enter from one hole that is located in the middle of the house and go out from the front door. Last Sunday evening I saw one of them for the first time inside the house. I was afraid that it might not be hurt as the ceiling fans were on. Immediately I turned all the fan switches off and opened the front door so that it would be able to get safe passage. We all were at home as it was Sunday. I thought and told we should take some measures to stop their entry into the house. The lady of the house commented on this issue that all the creatures  in the nature had equal right to live though it was quite evident that this thought was only after excluding humans and very harmful animals. Rest of the members in the house felt that it was better to leave this matter at this point and let them do their activity freely. The moment we concluded the discussion, one more pigeon was seen in the room and it too flew out of the room after finding the way.

Now they have been acquainted with the route and enjoy this game by entering and going out of the house. We also feel as if they were really happy by doing like this.

Today, in the morning when we were sitting in the living room, we saw them again doing the same act one by one. We are still not clear as to whether they are two in number or three. Our most grown up young chap in the house said one day it would be killed when trapped with the running fan. The lady retorted why he didn’t take some precautionary steps to stop their entry in the house. We all replied in one voice that earlier she suggested us not to disturb their activity and liberty. She replied as if amazed with our answer that in the last that day she gave her consent to close down the hole and even said she could hang a scenery herself there. After a few minutes I recalled her sentence and favored her. Any how every thing is in status quo as at present but only time or the pigeons’ fate will decide the next action.