Mrs. S, aged 30, lives in Ahemadabad. She is suffering from two diseases i.e. Alopecia Areata – falling of hair in patches on the scalp and Bronchial Asthma – difficulty in breathing. She is more caring about her hair than Asthma, though Asthma is rather a dreaded disease. Many times she has got severe attack of difficulty in breathing and admitted into hospital in emergency. She says she can bear this respiratory disease for whole of her life but her hair problem must be corrected at any cost.

In the same series of looking for the better health of her hair she got my reference through her father who lives abroad. One fine day she phoned me to get appointment for consultation. Listening to her problem I told her that she need not come to Delhi as I had already planned to come to Ahemadabad to visit a new patient who was suffering from a malignant disease.

At Ahemadabad, I examined her and found that she was very much concerned about her hair. She had a fear that one day she would be a baldy which is why she is on a lot of medicines related to her hair. She asked me many questions regarding hair. I explained to her about hair and its related diseases.

In the early age of life every body’s scalp is full of hair. But due to some reasons, like heredity, hormonal imbalance, debility after grave illness, mental stress, dandruff and many scalp related allergies and infections, a man or a lady may get this problem. Both the genders are equally caring about their hair. They make so many efforts to keep their hair healthy. This is the reason that hair related products like shampoos, soaps, creams and oils has many billion dollars business per annum. Having used such like products if a lady like Mrs. S. gets falling of her hair problem not solved she will obviously be more worried.

Being a homeopathic physician I can say for definite that this system of medicine has many remedies, like Acidum Flouricum, Natrum Mur, Sepia, Psorinum, Calcarea Carb, Hepar Sulph and others which can do miracles in this dreaded disease when taken under the supervision of a careful homeopathic doctor. There are also so many other remedies available in Homeopathy that are prescribed according to the disposition of a patient.