A queen of hills – Nainital

Nainital is a famous hill station. Even it is called queen of hills; this shows itself that it is really very charming place and worth to go there in summer season. If you enjoy winter you can go there at the end of winter. This time there is no crowd and enjoyment will be of different type. I have been there twice and once just crossed near Nainital when I went to Jageshwar temple dedicated to Lord Shiva.

First time I went to Nainital when Sambhav was only 8-9 months old; even he walked his first step there so this trip is more memorable than others. Vaibhav was about three years old. Whenever we went to the bazaar he demanded some thing from every shop. His mom asked him to decide what he actually needed. After that he didn’t demand anything as if he had understood his mom’s advice. He was fond of shooting at balloons so on every such shop he played the game. His style of shooting at the balloon and standing at the time of act looked quite attractive so we also enjoyed his actions.

In the middle of Nainital there is a lake; actually the name of this lake is Naini and on its name the area is called Nainital. There are seven lakes in that hill; they are called by the name of different Tal like Bheemtal etc…

On the first day there I bought six bananas in the evening while we were going back to his hotel. In the late night I demanded the hotel to serve me a glass of milk for Sambhav. The waiter served milk in my room but the ratio of water was quite high in the milk but we had no other choice except to accept it. This water mixed milk was digested earlier than the required time so Sambhav got up at midnight and began to cry. The bananas had helped him to satisfy his hunger.

One day we went for boat riding in the lake. Sambhav was in a mood to put his extremities in to the water but he was so small that we couldn’t leave him alone in the boat. In the end I told the boat man to take the boat at the bank of the lake. Sambhav kept his one hand into the water till we left the boat.

Second time when we went to Nainital we got different experience. This time Sambhav was in such age that he could go to nearby market alone. Our hotel was at Mall Road; the road is not very long so even a guy can walk on foot from one end to another. Talital and Malital are the name of the ends respectively. Sambhav had enjoyed a lot by going alone from one end to another two-three times every day till we were there.

One day we went to see the zoo. Inside the zoo, there was lion cage where a lion was walking continuously. We felt a different type of experience by watching him. While we were returning from the zoo, on the way a herd of monkeys crossed the road by jumping from trees to trees. A leg of one monkey touched Vaibhav’s head but he didn’t show any panicky.

For going to Nainital; a train goes from Delhi to Kathgodam which is the nearest railway station for Nainital. Taxis and buses are available to go from Kathgodam to Nainital. The distance is about forty kilometers.