A honeymoon trip

In the month of February, 1984, I married Mira. The very next day my friends asked me where you were going for honeymoon. I said, ‘Why did you not advise me for that some days ago? ’ They told me that every thing could be arranged easily even that day too and my part was just to pack my bag. Within an hour, the two train tickets of Moussorrie Express were in my hand. To get the train ticket on the same day was quite difficult in those days though the condition is more or less the same even today. Getting the tickets I was glad.

I told Mira that we were going to Moussori on that day so she should kindly pack her bag. She asked me to pack my bag too. I advised her to just pack her bag only and I would manage my bag myself. She felt some difficulty in doing so as there were a lot of guests at home at that time. I tried to tell her some thing but she got slightly annoyed with my behaviour as it might not be according to her emotional comfort level. Today I may understand her annoyance at that time only up to some extent but not completely.

Any how we were ready to go to Mussorie and my as well her family members were happy on our decision. They finished all the rituals by evening and still we had sufficient time to board the train. So we thought to take rest and lay down but we went in to deep sleep as we couldn’t sleep the previous night, that was the wedding night and all the wedding ceremonies were performed on that night. My sister alerted me to get up. Getting up I saw my watch and found that we were short of time. Hurriedly we took up our bags and went to the railway station. When we reached the platform I found that the train was there. I felt as if the train was waiting for me.

Next day we were in the Mussorie and we chose a beautiful room in one hotel. The name of the hotel is not in my memory at the moment. We enjoyed three four days there. Every day we went to some new spot like Kempty-fall, Lal-Tiba, and the company-garden etc. Mussorie is a small hill station but beautiful. It is quite near Delhi so that it is famous among residents of Delhi.

A friend of mine was posted there. He came to see me on the day I reached Mussorie as I had phoned him. He invited me to come to his house on dinner. I accepted his invitation so he came again in the evening to take us to his house where his wife welcomed us. We had dinner there that was very delicious as his wife was quite expert in cooking.

One day I got annoyed with Mira in Mussorie now I feel that it might be my immaturity. We came back home after spending three-four days. Still some sweet memories are in my mind that is beyond my capability to explain in words.