Is slapping good???

Recently a minister was slapped by a Sikh youth of Delhi while the minister was attending a function in the capital of India. The youth was agitated and saying that the minister was responsible for inflation of prices of eatables. The event went on air live. Every politician was condemning the act of the youth and blaming each other on this issue. Some politicians were trying to politicize this issue.

In the beginning Anna Hazare had also asked people about this incidence and said the act was correct by using such words that even an ordinary person can understand his words. But realizing the gravity of his comments he immediately condemned his statement himself by saying that the act of the youth was unlawful. He tried to save his image by saying like that. The supporters and workers of the minister’s political party had demonstrated against this act on the road and jammed the traffic in Maharashtra. His supporters even went to the village of Anna Hazare, a social activist.

When workers of any political party demonstrate on the roads that cause so many problems to the public who is not at all on the fault, does it not seem as if they are slapping public indirectly? If the workers wanted to show their annoyance they should grab only the place of the concerned man or authority.

People in the society say that the youth’s act was correct. Then why our political leaders condemn it. The media must show honestly the public comments too on such sensitive issues without disclosing their identity.

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