Mauritius tour – day one

Mr. J, aged about ninety, went to Mauritius in the same group in which I was also one of the members. His daughter was accompanying him for his care though he seemed to be quite active. We went there at the end of May of this year. I tried to pen down my Mauritius tour so many times but couldn’t write down my memories somehow. Today this active old gentleman came into my mind and once again I was initiated to write down it. My group was big even though he was remembered as I treated him during the journey when he fell ill there. He responded to my treatment well and I became lovable for all. Mr. J got the attack of involuntary, frequent urination that made his tour and life hell. His daughter approached me for his problem as she might know me well before or somebody else had told her about me that I never asked her till today.

On 27th May, 2011, we landed at Mauritius air-port in the morning. We reached Mauritius via Dubai where we changed the flight and wasted our some hours in dizziness and some time in wandering inside the air-port. Having completed the immigration formalities we took our luggage from the belt and came out of the port where three buses were waiting for us along with three tourist guides who would accompany us during our Mauritius tour. I kept my luggage in one of the coaches. Mr. Satish though called Captain was my coach driver and Miss. Manisha was tour guide. She was young, fatty girl but very talkative as it suits to her job. She gave us some instructions and information about tour as well as some laws of the country that every tourist must follow them.

She offered us a bottle of water as if it were the welcome drink. She took us to the hotel which was already booked for us as per our itinerary. Getting room we got relaxed and ready after taking bath. Now our tummy reminded us about hunger so we went to the dining hall to take lunch that was vegetarian as per our requirement. The name of the hotel was Jalsa and the name of the air-port was Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam International Airport that I forgot to mention in the beginning. Why did I mention this name that I might mention it later on if felt relevant?

Having had our lunch we went on city tour and came back in the evening and relaxed at beach as our hotel was at sea-shore. Up to many meters the water was only a little more than an ankle deep so people were going inside the sea without any fear and the water was crystal clear that we had only read in literature. We did a lot of chattering there. At the end we had had dinner and went to bed. It was all about our first day in Mauritius.