Vaijnath and Gaya temples tour – day two

On the following day, we got up early in the morning at 4.30 as we didn’t get sound sleep in the night, though we had decided to get up at 5. We were ready by 5.30 and at six O’ clock drove off to Gaya. It all happened smoothly as we had got the taxi booked the previous night. The road was very levelled and without any pit holes that was beyond our expectation. We appreciated the present Chief Minister of that area, Bihar. The driver told us that even the law and order is also maintained nowadays.

In the afternoon we arrived at Rajgir which is popular among tourists as there is a hot water pond. We all took bath in it. Some pundits use this place as a religious one and exploit the tourist sentiments. We also got our feelings ill-used by one of these such pundits. After that we went to Nalanda ruins that were excavated in the last decades of British rule. Now it has got the status of world heritage and is maintained by Archeological Survey of India. We all know that about two thousand years ago Nalanda was a World Fame University. Having seen it I felt some internal pleasure as I had the strong desire to visit these remains. We also visited the museum that had the things found during the  excavation of Nalanda.

After that we directly proceeded to Bodh Gaya temple. The Sun was going back his home when we reached there. It is the place where Lord Buddha got realization. Inside the temple we saw the tree under which Buddha did meditation. The temple was really beautiful and was full of foreigners who kept faith in Buddhism. It was about seven o’clock when we left the temple. With the same taxi we went to Gaya that was about ten kilometers away from Bodh Gaya. There, we visited the Vishnu-pad temple that was dedicated to Lord Vishnu. As we were all feeling hungry, we searched out a good restaurant and had had our dinner. Then the time was about nine and we advanced to railway station to catch our 11.30 train to come back home.