Mauritius Tour – Day two

The following day we got up early in the morning. There was a big lawn in the back of the room so I went there and sat in the chair. After sometime Mira also came there along with tea in two glasses as she likes to take tea in a glass. I also enjoyed the tea and listened to the different sounds of birds. The sounds were clear as there was quite silence. We phoned to some nears and dears. We got ready after sometimes and went to dining hall to take breakfast. In the breakfast there were many varieties that were prepared after keeping in view of the all the guests staying in the hotel.

Our group was ready to move southward of the city. In the beginning we visited the ship making factory. The factory was really worth seeing. In fact they were making only the toy ships which you can keep in your house as a decoration piece. Some of our team members bought the toy ships from the factory. Having seen it we reached the place that was quite big , below the ground and covered with greenery. The place is called ‘Ganga Talao’. We did photography at that place as the location had a lot of scenic beauty.

However, it is surprising to know that more than half of Mauritius population is of Hindus. They try to maintain their sanctity and use their traditional dress and language. It was told to us that in every village of Mauritius there is a temple. Most of Mauritius the Hindus were migrated there when India was ruled by British. There is a long lithic statue of Lord Shiva. The height of the statue is one hundred feet and is called ‘Mangal Mahadev’. There is also a beautiful Lord Shiva temple that is called thirteenth ‘Jyotirlinga’ as twelve ‘Jyotirlingas’ are placed in India. This temple would work as a binding agent between India and Mauritius. Having visited all these places the tummy reminded us of the time of lunch. Meanwhile a group of Hindus who were constructing a big temple came to invite us to lunch. The food was delicious. After lunch some of our members donated a handsome amount to them for temple construction. They were also planning to construct a building that would be called ‘India House’. After that we proceeded to a village, Chamarel where a volcanic earth was erected in an unusual way that showed us the place in seven different colors which appeared to be artificial ones as some of our members also raised their suspicion though being really natural. In the evening we returned to our hotel.

Once again at dinner time we went for a banquet that was hosted by some dignitaries of Mauritius. The art and culture minister of Mauritius also attended the function. The host welcomed us quite warmly. It was all about our second day in Mauritius that my memory allowed me to jot down, (28th, May 2011).