Ban on the plastic bags

Today, in the morning, a radio jockey was telling about not using plastic bags, when I switched on one of the FM channels. She said the Govt. is going to ban the use of polythene in Delhi and asking the public about their views. A guy said I will use cotton bags as people used to carry it when went to the market for shopping. These bags were reusable; in this way there was no environment problem at that time. A lady was saying that she would use old pillow covers for carrying groceries as she has a lot of old covers; she has been storing them for fifteen years. She was telling her views as if she was making fun of such a serious issue. It seemed as though she had no sense of duty for the society. One shouldn’t behave like she was.

It is many years drive against polythene by environment aware group of people. Till today, everybody should have understood the hazardous effect of it. We should discard the use of it. A question arises can this method eradicate the problem. A high level awareness may reduce its use drastically but can’t stop its utilization. The Govt. is also planning to ban it in Delhi but its use in packed food and medicine will be exempted. If anybody who is found violating this rule will be prosecuted. In the beginning the law will be applicable on the shopkeepers.

If the Govt. is really keen to stop its use why not it bans its manufacturing and finish the matter in one stroke; that is the true source of plastic bags.

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