Potency of Homeopathic medicine

A couple of days ago, I visited my aunt’s house as she had rung me up to call on her. I went there next to next day. As she being very affectionate, she welcomed me and my better half warmly. Just after half an hour, her daughter Ms P. entered the room where we were sitting. We wished each other first and asked her about the ailment with which she was suffering. Actually she had viral wart in her sole which had been removed surgically and now it was on the healing path. She had already discussed with me about its fate and wanted to take Homeopathy for it as some of her well- wishers advised her to use this system for warts.

She told me that she had started taking Homeopathic medicine for it and showed me the bottle of that medicine. I read the name and potency of the medicine. The medicine was in high potency which is generally not repeated frequently as per the Homeopathic principles. I told her the truth about the medicine. She asked me what to do then. ‘At the most I can do for you is that I can give you new prescription,’ I said. ‘What will I say to that doctor about his treatment,’ she replied. Then we discussed on this issue at large with no result. She obliged me to talk to that doctor about his prescription but I was quite reluctant to go into the argument with him. As I know the human nature that a few people can only accept their fault so the same was repeated by this doctor He said, ‘the way I prescribe medicine is a new method’. I said,’ the method which you want to use has been declared wrong even during Hahnemann. This is used by those who have very less knowledge in Homeopathy and these physicians are called mongrel. The word mongrel was used by Dr. Hahnemann for such physician.’

She told me to start her treatment in the end as already I am her family physician too.  On the same day I sent her medicine for her early recovery from the suffering.